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Welcome 2020

We are pleased to let you know that we are open again for bookings from Saturday 4 January 2020. Thanks to the bravery of Ben and James, who fought to protect our home and livelihood, the damage from the fire is much less than it could have been. We still have (mostly) green vines, a welcoming cellar door and an amazing view - even if it is a little charred :) It is now safe to return to the Hills and the roads are open. more

Everything Sparkling!

Did you know? The longest recorded flight of a Champagne cork is over 177 feet (54 meters). There are 1 million bubbles in the average glass of champagne. Bubble size in champagne and sparkling can vary from between 0.4mm and 4mm. Bubbles of 1.7mm across result in the highest number of droplets evaporating at the surface of the drink, enhancing the drinker's’ experience of flavour. 39°F (4°C) is the optimum temperature t more

Winter Wedding Special Offer

Nothing beats the romance of winter! Snuggling in front of warm fires. Watching the mist roll across the landscape. Being wrapped up in fluffy jumpers and woollen blankets. Eating your favourite comfort foods. When it comes to dressing for a winter wedding, the ladies can look fabulous (and still be incredibly comfortable) in fur jackets and knee-high boots. Men can wear their suit and tie without overheating! Think cashmere, wool, more

May Day May Day!

The month of May is here and there’s much to do and see in the Adelaide Hills. At Anderson Hill, the leaves on our vines have turned yellow, orange and red and Brad is adding some delicious winter meals to the menu. It’s a wonderful time of year to visit our cellar door restaurant for a quick drink or a lazy afternoon. We also celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day on Friday 4 May (the first Friday in May) and International more

How time flies

Whoa!! Time flies when your having fun (or been busy!)Cellar door has been very, very busy this season. We have had new release wines including a new shiraz, rose and chardonnay and the CRUSH festival in January, which was exciting and very entertaining. A few weddings, which have all been great fun and very memorable, with a few more to come. We've had the most unpredictable and damaging weather I've ever seen in the Adelaide Hills and I've more

SEIKO the spirit of the forest

Seiko discovered very early in her life that running with mountain bikes was a lot of fun! If you are a rider who visits Fox Creek Trails you will know our dog, she knows the tracks (and the short cuts!) better than any rider, can drink from a camel back, knows where all the puddles and dams are too cool off in and has won several endurance races! She also, sometimes hangs out at the cellar door with Ruby (our other kelpie x) patientl more

Ten things to do in the Adelaide Hills

1. Pick a Pink Lady Weekend - experience a real orchard and pick apples at Mahnew Orchards or Harris Orchards Lenswood 30th April & 1st May. 2. Adelaide Hills Sculpture Symposium - The Cedars, Hahndorf 4th to 25th April. 3. Gorge Wildlife Park - Cuddle a koala or feed the kangaroos, Cudlee Creek. 4. Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens - for awesome Autumn colour, Piccadilly. 5. Beerenberg - Pick your own strawberries & taste jams more

Pinot Noir food pairing

Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile wines there is! (And one of my favourites) It is only recently that we've seen it become prominent on restaurant wine lists. Anderson Hills Pinot Noirs have been hand picked and kept in barrels for over twelve months, producing a delicate balance of fruit and tannins with a long finish and really can be drunk with anything!! Pate and cheese to herb crusted lamb! Duck, chicken, fish, beef, turkey, la more

Chardonnay Food Matching

Chardonnay has made a real comeback recently, which is a wonderful to see as Chardonnay is such a complex wine and can be enjoyed with a range of foods. Understanding where the Chardonnay is from, weather it is oaked and how mature it is when you drink it is important to which food you pair it with. Anderson Hill Chardonnays are cool climate, stored in oak for twelve months and as it ages develops different more complex flavours. A younge more

Harvest 2016

February! WOW! This is the earliest harvest we have ever seen at Anderson Hill. 2015 was middle of March and we thought that was early. Extremely warm weather early in the summer pushed the fruit into early ripeness. The flavours are great and we are optimistic that the 2016 vintage will be a good one. We hand-picked most of the fruit this year - taking about six days to complete picking, using 25-40 pickers each day. This ke more